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A sublime mix of trip hop, chillout and electronica, Blue Hour plays like the last breath of winter, full of delicate crystalline percussion and deep bass lines. Let us give you a little bit of a taste of what's in store:
We start the EP off with 'Concave Mirrors', the perfect introduction. Written and produced by LeVirya, Concave Mirrors submerges the listener into a deep reverie with liquid beats and smooth melodies. We then fall straight into 'Time Stands Still', a track bursting with gorgeous strings, bewitching vocals and an addictive trip hop beat featuring production by Padma Purana and LeVirya with vocals by Elleodin.
In the second half of the EP we reach the darker edges of the sky with 'Until I Find You', an experimental electronica track by Elleodin with a slow, constant build up, chaotic drums and haunting vocals. As the sun sets further, we conclude with the title track 'Blue Hour', a deep melancholy production by LeVirya. 'Blue Hour' is rich with gentle percussive textures which beautifully contrast with intense guitar lines. It perfectly captures that strange eerie atmosphere that comes with twilight.
And that concludes our little introduction of Blue Hour! We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!


released March 17, 2017

Concave Mirrors
written by LeVirya

Time Stands Still
written by Padma Purana & LeVirya
lyrics and vocals by Elleodin

Until I Find You
written by Elleodin

Blue Hour
written by LeVirya

Artwork by Laura Mason
Published by Aviary Bridge Records



all rights reserved


Aviary Bridge Records Netherlands

Aviary Bridge Records is a small independent record label founded by Elleodin (Laura Mason) and LeVirya (Leon Permentier) in 2016.

Together, the two producers have created a small community of musicians and producers, of whom specialize in atmospheric genres such as trip hop, electronica and chillout.
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Track Name: Padma Purana & LeVirya - Time Stands Still (feat. Elleodin)
“Time Stands Still"

Time stands still
The snow it never falls
Please tell me why
We’re trapped in never-ending time

Tell me everything
All you need to say
We have all the time
In the world


A touch of wind
There’s not much time
Tell me everything
Tell me anything

The trees silence their whispers
The rivers float above
Another realm surrounds your words
Whilst you can’t bring them out
Track Name: Elleodin - Until I Find You
“Until I Find You”

Until I find you
I won’t look back
Not at what we had
I won’t look back


Until I find you
I won’t look back
Not at what we had
I won’t look back